Updating your home for spring

Goodbye winter, hello spring! Spring brings with it sheer fun and utter rejuvenation. After the cold and chilly days we just get the urge to spruce our homes and embrace the warm sunlight and beautiful energy that comes with it. Springtime is the best time to freshen up, clean and brighten our homes. What a better time to update and spruce up our spaces? We have gathered a few tips that you can definitely put into good use, so read on!

A touch of bright colors

With spring comes a renewal. The outdoors begin to transform to livelier and brighter colors, so why don’t you let your home mimic this? This is the best time to swap those dull winter colors with bold, warm or neon colors. If you are daring enough, you can go for brightly colored furniture to just add that pop of color.

Add life to your space with plants

Bring the outdoors to your home by using green plants or fresh flowers in tandem with spring. The plants will not only brighten your space, but it will transform it to an exquisite one. In addition to that, it is the easiest way to transform your home.

Update your furniture

This is the best time to enjoy light and fun furniture. Change up the upholstery of your furniture from dark winter colors to bright or floral prints. You can also go for wicker or seagrass seats. Your spaces will transform when you add some garden inspired furniture pieces.

More tips to consider

  • Update your accessories
  • Use baskets to de-clutter
  • Add lighter fabrics