Updating your home for spring

Goodbye winter, hello spring! Spring brings with it sheer fun and utter rejuvenation. After the cold and chilly days we just get the urge to spruce our homes and embrace the warm sunlight and beautiful energy that comes with it. Springtime is the best time to freshen up, clean and brighten our homes. What a better time to update and spruce up our spaces? We have gathered a few tips that you can definitely put into good use, so read on!

A touch of bright colors

With spring comes a renewal. The outdoors begin to transform to livelier and brighter colors, so why don’t you let your home mimic this? This is the best time to swap those dull winter colors with bold, warm or neon colors. If you are daring enough, you can go for brightly colored furniture to just add that pop of color.

Add life to your space with plants

Bring the outdoors to your home by using green plants or fresh flowers in tandem with spring. The plants will not only brighten your space, but it will transform it to an exquisite one. In addition to that, it is the easiest way to transform your home.

Update your furniture

This is the best time to enjoy light and fun furniture. Change up the upholstery of your furniture from dark winter colors to bright or floral prints. You can also go for wicker or seagrass seats. Your spaces will transform when you add some garden inspired furniture pieces.

More tips to consider

  • Update your accessories
  • Use baskets to de-clutter
  • Add lighter fabrics

The Principles of Sustainable Interior Design

Nowadays, enhancing the concept of sustainability in interior design and building has gained popularity due to the increased demand of minimizing environmental pollution. As such many renters and home owners have been implementing environmentally friendly methods while furnishing or designing their homes. Notably, a sustainable design is an approach that integrates the guidelines of preserving and conserving natural resources and nature. Therefore, home owners should select the durable and long-lasting materials for designing their home. This practice prevents designers from constantly discarding “old components” to the environment. The following are the most effective principles of sustainable interior design.

Water-Efficient Design

Water preservation and conservation is crucial to create sustainability due to the prevalence of water shortages worldwide. As such, designers have to build huge water retention facilities mostly to collect rain water during the rainy seasons. Alternatively, home owners can construct water-recycling systems in their homes to minimize the wastage of water. Lastly, conducting drip irrigation systems, no-leak taps low-flow washrooms and high-efficiency nozzles can massively help in water conservation. For more knowledge check out Tylko’s guide on the best principles of sustainable interior design.

Sustainability in Style

Adopting sustainable designing styles like building or furnishing houses using durable materials significantly helps to reduce environmental pollution. For instance, home owners can utilize natural and organic materials like wood and stone are economical, ecological friendly and highly-durable. Such natural materials are long-lasting; hence a house will not require constant renovation which leads to depletion of natural and artificial resources. Also, renters should construct the floor of their houses using bamboo and cork which help to regulate the heat in a house. This prevents home owners from using non-renewable sources of energy to heat and light their houses. Lastly, designers should recycle or re-use their “old products” instead of discarding them.

Using Sustainable Furniture

Furniture plays a very crucial roles in a house. For instance, furniture significantly influences the functionality and aesthetic of a home. Therefore, to make a house ecological friendly a home owner must use natural or organic materials like wood to construct their home’s pieces of furniture. Also, designers may use re-purposed or recycled materials to construct their items. Alternatively, designers may use bamboo which has recently gained popularity as the best sustainable material suitable for furniture construction.

Energy-Efficient Design

Energy consumption is the biggest contributing factor to adverse climatic changes and environmental degradation. As such, designing the amount of artificial energy consumption in their homes in activities such as heating and lighting.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bookcase

Are you aspiring to be a leader? This is the question that most people need to ask themselves. Everyone is a leader, or he/she has found themselves leading a particular group. Psychologically it is said that you cannot lead if you do not read. 

Therefore it is obligatory to every person since we are all leaders to read, even if it is one book or two in a certain period to enrich your mind. Besides, it would help if you had a well-organized way of keeping a book or collecting books. To ensure that your readers are safe, you need to have a bookshelf. So if you are new or need to update your bookshelf, you need to have some bookcases basics before buying one. Here are some tips on how to choose a bookcase for your home


You need to consider the number of books that you need to store in a bookcase. This gives you an idea of the size that is required for your bookcase. A larger bookcase will hold more books, but they also have a larger footprint. If you find out that you have more books than the bookcase space, you should buy more than one bookcase and have them dispersed throughout your home. You should also put into consideration if a particular bookcase can fit your books. More profound books will require deeper shelves. For a good size shelf visit: https://tylko.com/shelves/bookcase/

Think about the material

Bookcases are usually available in a handful of materials ranging from hardwood to metal. The most cost-effective and commonly used materials are wood veneers and plywood. Materials like metal and solid hardwoods are sturdier but tend to be expensive. However, the material you choose for your bookcase will also depend on the style of your room.

Other uses for the bookcase

Open bookcases are accessible from the front and the back. These can be useful in a spacious living area, especially by turning it into a room divider. Besides, his type of bookshelf can hold more books with the spines facing out on both sides.

Adjustable bookcase

These give you room for customization. If you have more books, you can adjust the shelf to hold them all. On the other hand, if your bundle of books is small, you can reduce its size leaving a space in the room that can be used for a different purpose.

Double-check the dimensions

Bookcases come in different dimensions. It is therefore essential for you to choose the best size that can fit into your room.